300-2 RT 17S, Unit C
Lodi, NJ 07644 (201) 941-8020
About Loft Solo

Every room, every space is unique, our loft solo intelligent shelving system will provide great flexibilityusung design and function, satisfying the highest demands in engineering as well as quality, creating a well organized space.

This is a solution for living room, wardrobe, office, lounge or bathroom for those, who want contemporary interior design furniture in their homes.

Everything you could possibly need...

A perfectly designed wardrobe will make the best use of the space avialable. Key aspects of wardrobe designs – besides the volume and variety of clothing it is supposed to accomodate – shoud be the system according to which you want to store them and the functionality of the storage facility. Fortunately our system will meet all your need and expectations.

Everything has its place...

No furniture looks more charming, than a bookshelf full of books. Our system can become a distinctive piece in your living room with its minimalist design and unique solutions for all your books and decorative items.

Work and comfort

Flexibile schedule, maximum productivity – our system provides a flexibile and convenient solution for your office with its smart accessories keeping up with the challenges of the 21st century.