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Tech Specs

Our luxurious high-end mirrors will give your bathroom a new contemporary look. The clean lines of the aluminum frame will enhance your bathroom’s design by giving it a classic, yet timeless modern feel.

Mirrors can be mounted portrait or landscape to suit your basin. All four sides of the frame (on back) are pre-drilled for easy hanging.The LED’s are energy efficient with an average life of 50,000-60,000 hours.

Mirror Styles
Tech Specs

Installation Information: As a standard, the LED-drivers are attached to the back of the mirror. Alternatively, the drivers can be requested to be detached, and be hidden inside the wall, to make a flush application.

Certifications: IP 20 and 65 (Dust Protected & Splashed Water) & CE (Complies with all safety requirements by the European Union) Not UL certified (Certification in Progress). RoHS (Lead-Free) compliance.

Power Consumption
Per 1 Meter (3.2 Ft) of Strips is 7.44 W/m
Density of LEDs
120 per 1 meter (3.2 Ft)
Power Supplies Used In LED
18 W/each
Output Voltage
12 V
Electricity Force
1.5 А
LED Life
50,000-60,000 Hrs
Kelvin Color Temperature Scale Chart

LED’s are available in 3 color temperatures (based off of the Kelvin Scale of Color Temperature).

  • Warm/Yellow (2700 K – 3300 K)
  • Neutral/White (4000 K – 5000 K)
  • Cool/Blue (6000 K – 7000 K)

Other Colors Available per Request